Walking on Water with Mitch + Madie

We were blessed by angels. We had perfect weather, lighting and people.

Last month, Madie Lyons (BYU Soccer) and Mitch Mathews (NFL Football) ((Talk about couple goals)) ventured out to the middle of nowhere to get some amazing shots of their first time seeing each other in their wedding attire. It was honestly one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen.

But getting there, thats another story. It was an almost three-hour drive west of Salt Lake City on the way to Nevada, passing through a white, salty, tundra-looking landscape for most of the drive. WORTH IT

There was only one exit every 10-20 miles on this freeway, so if you missed the turn off you wanted, you would have to drive for a good amount of time before you could get off again, drive backwards, and then drive forward again hoping you didn’t miss it a second time. It was a little tricky figuring out how to get to each other, but after a little frogger action across a busy freeway with a wedding dress and a GIANT bouquet, we made it!!

The lighting was gorgeous, the couple was amazing, and we had an amazing shoot!

Check it out below!!




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