I asked for an adventurous couple, and boy did I get one. I love people like this, people that will do anything and not worry that its awkward or that they’ll ruin their clothes and fall down. As a candid photographer, you come up with some pretty strange terminology to get the pictures you want… such as: smell her shampoo, throw her around, whisper sweet nothings, frolick through that field, play with his face… etc.

This is Jenelle and Elijah. They are a sweet couple living here in Provo and I could not have asked for a more fun, easy-going couple!

A week ago, Cody and I were on a drive and decided to turn down a quad road by the lake, and we hit the jackpot! We stumbled upon this abandoned adorable yellow boat docked on the side of the lake!! Its too good of a spot to not have an adorable couple shot there!  VIDEO BELOW!!

HUGE thanks to Foxglove Utah for making my dreams come true! They volunteered to be apart of this shoot the day before and really pulled through. I sent them an inspiration Pinterest picture and they made it EVEN BETTER!!! Major props to Foxglove.




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