Creating video content is not just a job for me or a way to make a living. It’s an obsession, lifestyle. It’s the reason I’m editing past my bedtime and waking up before the sun.

This is how I express myself, my creativity, its a journal, a way to remember and to relive.

I grew up in Arizona, where I fell in love with cactus, dirt, rocks and the dry land. That kind of beauty that some people have a hard time seeing. But I’ve also had the opportunity to live in Utah the past 4 years where I’ve learned to love the colors and change in season, both places giving me a wide range of backdrops and locations to shoot in, keeping me inspired and hungry to make more videos.

I can’t stay in one place for very long, which has given me the nickname of gyspy in my family… Constantly going back and forth makes it almost impossible to get sick of my surroundings.

Many people ask me what my favorite thing to shoot is, and I find that one of the hardest questions. I love being able to capture moments. Moments you’ll never be able to get back, that you want to remember and replay over and over in your head.
I capture emotion and true expressions. I love getting to know the subject, finding their strengths and weaknesses and capturing their true spirit, the way that their closest friends know them.

Music is my second love. Finding that perfect song to compliment the video, to make you feel something. Thats is my favorite part. My friends have learned to never let me plug my phone in the car for music, because Im that girl that has tons of weird instrumentals on her phone. Theres something about music that triggers peoples emotion more than anything, and I love fusing the video footage and music to make the final product something that you feel when its over instead of something that you just watched.

My goal is to create video content that people won’t ignore or skip through completely, that they want to watch over and over and that they’re drawn to.
My goal is to someday be known for being able to tell stories in their integrity, Telling an honest love story, or bringing new life into the world. Honestly I just want to make people cry. haha!

I do what I do to separate myself, to be unordinary. To inspire and be inspired.
To create and story tell.

My name is Breea with Tell the Birds, and this is what I love to do.